Blog #24: SAWA Hosts Inspirational Talk to Donors

Blog #24: SAWA Hosts Inspirational Talk to Donors

On this Thursday November 27th SAWA will be hosting an event to show potential donors how they can make a difference through SAWA. The purpose of the event is to give an overview of SAWA’s work and impact – 90,458 lives changes, 10,000 hectares of forest and 50 km of coral reef protected!

We will be introducing 5 extraordinary SAWA Heroes, and 7 SAWA team members who will talk about their involvement with and what inspires them about SAWA. There will also be a showing of some videos and news clips of SAWA’s work in Vanuatu.

At the event there will be key leaders from different organizations who can help SAWA continue to do the wonderful work of bringing the inspiring stories of local heroes from the 50 poorest countries to a global audience. As Daphne and the team continue to inspire we hope to get some of these organizations involved to donate and work with the SAWA Team.

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