BLOG # 26: Class Afloat Trip to Senegal and Cape Verde part...

BLOG # 26: Class Afloat Trip to Senegal and Cape Verde part 1: The Objective

SAWA is making headways on the frontier for a new empowering social media and people are taking notice. Class Afloat - a Canadian program offering high school and university students an education that takes them all over the world via ship - approached SAWA in October of 2008 to help them develop a media class centred around SAWA’s goal of making a positive global impact through media. SAWA was thrilled to be incorporated into an educational program that fosters global awareness and the humanitarian spirit and did not hesitate to send filmmaker Eric Hogan (one of our own inspiring team members) to Las Palmas, Spain to meet his future students before sailing off with them on Dec 4th to Senegal, and then onto Cape Verde.

SAWA’s goals for the trip were ambitious: to train these young Canadian students as well as local Senegalese how to make SAWA videos, to find and document 10 SAWA Heroes, and to recruit 2 local in-country SAWA representative (one on Senegal, and one in Cape Verde) who would each be awarded flip video cameras. Through Eric’s hard work and unfaltering enthusiasm all of SAWA’s goals were achieved with great success as Eric led a workshop training 90 people (both Canadian and Senegalese) to be video journalists! 8 SAWA Heroes were documented and SAWA representatives were recruited in Senegal and Cape Verde. The trip was a rewarding experience for all those involved and at SAWA we are happy to have inspired more youth to engage in positive change through the use of their media skills. Stay tuned for more information on the inspiring SAWA Heroes Eric met on his journey!

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 - 1945)

Discussion Question: Can you think of a name for this new empowering social media that SAWA is creating that focuses on solutions and the positive?

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