Blog # 30: Happy International Women’s Day!

Blog # 30: Happy International Women’s Day!

Today on March 6th, SAWA celebrated International Womens' Day and womens' leadership in the world by sending our own inspiring leader Daphne Nederhorst to participate in a special event at The Global Dialogue Centre - an online interactive site dedicated to fostering dialogue on leadership, personal development, and ideas on how to make the world a better place. This Global Dialogue Centre is “a virtual gathering place” where people can “connect with a purpose.”

Over 300 women from over 20 countries and representing over 25 states in the United States logged on to join in the discussion and Daphne was one of the women on this panel of speakers given the opportunity to showcase their work as examples of how women are taking the lead and making a difference to change the world for the better. Not only was it a great opportunity to connect with so many other innovate leaders, but it gave SAWA the opportunity to inspire others with its unique vision of how to make a difference and get involved. SAWA is giving a voice to the unsung heroes of the world – the grassroots leaders (many of whom are women) who are improving the lives in their communities and solving the world’s global challenges. Daphne stood out not only as a leader in making the world a better place, but as a role model inspiring others to be part of change!

The first step to leadership is servant-hood.
~John Maxwell

I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
~Ralph Nader

Discussion: How do you think women leadership is unique?

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