SAWA Blog # 25: SAWA Leader Dr. Robert Kalyesubula

SAWA Blog # 25: SAWA Leader Dr. Robert Kalyesubula

SAWA Themes: Health For All, Happy Children, Water Food Shelter
Project: NACODI - Nakaseke Community Development Initiatives

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula and his coworkers have improved the lives of over 6,000 people in rural Uganda with their Nakaseke Life Care Centre Clinic founded in 2003 in Luwero (60km from Kampala). Robert grew up as an orphan but was able to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Because of the lack of access to medical care in rural Ugandan communities, Robert decided to build a medical centre to treat HIV-AIDS patients in isolated areas. But while the Nakaseke Centre was originally built to treat patients living with HIV/AIDS, it has now expanded its services to general medical treatment and education in preventing common illnesses. So far they have trained 73 nurses who provide homecare for the very sick, and 18 community workers to educate about HIV/AIDS prevention through plays and presentations.

With limited resources but unlimited passion and perseverance Dr. Robert Kalyesubula has provided healthcare and hope to a community. He has inspired and protected the youth by providing them with school fees, uniforms, and agricultural income generating projects. The Nakaseke Life Care Centre Clinic also grows corn and coffee and tends to sheep and goats for the community’s most vulnerable.

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula is a true SAWA Leader!

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