SAWA Blog # 29: SAWA presents to the UN!

SAWA Blog # 29: SAWA presents to the UN!

SAWA Blog # 28: SAWA presents to the UN!

At the beginning of February, SAWA was invited to address the UN in New York to present its ideas on innovative ways to use media to solve urgent global challenges. So on Feb 11th, our founder Daphne, as well as team members Joanna and David, flew down to NY where Daphne gave a well received and truly inspiring presentation to the UN about SAWA’s current impact and future goals.

Daphne gave a superb presentation that stood out, and the response was great! Everyone was impressed and inspired by SAWA’s vision and impact and many valuable connections were made with important and key individuals. On the panel were Mark Scott Goodstein (the gentleman who ran Obama's campaign), Marketing Director of Bono’s Red Campaign. Key people from Intel, Pepsico, and VIA Technologies were also present.

To top it all off, The World Bank has asked Daphne to come to Washington, DC to present SAWA to the World Bank. They are interested in using SAWA as a model for how to create change on the grassroots level. SAWA Global is now also in dicussions with VIA Technologies to explore ways the SAWA Hero's can be brought into their organziation.

Stay tuned for more news on SAWA’s progress. And check out an article about SAWA in the Vancouver Courier: article

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