SAWA Blog #39: SAWA Connects with Youth Leaders from Togo...

SAWA Blog #39: SAWA Connects with Youth Leaders from Togo and Senegal

SAWA is making new connections with youth leaders in Togo and Senegal through the YMCA’s Youth Peace Network Program (YPN). With the help of scholarships funded by CIDA, this program brings youth (between the ages of 19 and 30) from all over the world to the YMCA in Vancouver to participate in a 3 month leadership workshop that is centred around promoting peace, conflict resolution, and social justice. The program fosters regional and international networks as the youth connect with organizations and build leadership skills and that they can then apply to their own YMCA programs in their home communities.

SAWA is one of the organizations that has been invited to be a part of this great program and has met Lucy from Togo and Maria Claire from Senegal. They are part of a group of 17 YMCA Youth Leaders from all over the world who are here in Canada for 3 months. They have asked to be trained as SAWA Country Representatives before they return to Africa in September and are excited to spread the word about SAWA and connect with local videographers in their own country.

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