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Africa Yoga Project To Bring Fitness Fridays to the Solution Centre

Sawa World is always looking for ways to brighten lives and pass on meaningful solutions to local youth.  To that end we are proud to announce our latest partnership with the Africa Yoga Project (AYP) as a means to offer employment to youth instructors who have chosen yoga as their local...
Jun 13 2016 - 8:07pm
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Creative Solutions All Bottled Up!

Celebrating innovation as one of its core values in tackling extreme poverty, Sawa World is joining forces with Uganda’s Social Innovation Academy (SINA) to build a unique plastic bottle structure for the new Solution Centre in Kampala. Like Sawa World, SINA finds exceptional approaches to...
Jun 6 2016 - 5:40am
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Sawa World Plans to Impact 60,000 Vulnerable Women by 2018

What if DREAMS could actually change thousands of lives, have a profound impact on the 1,000 adolescent girls and young women infected with AIDS every day in sub-Saharan Africa, and reduce new HIV infections by 40% before 2018?  Sawa World is thrilled to have been selected in competition with...
May 23 2016 - 7:24pm
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Youth Around Solution Centre Already Impacted

Meet Rukia, a young, unemployed mother who lives steps away from Sawa World’s new Solution Centre in Kampala.  By chance Rukia recently walked past her new neighbor, popped in for an impromptu visit, and left with a Solution Video in hand on Sawa World Spark Harriet’s Camp Green, a...
May 16 2016 - 4:06am
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Paraguay Trip Paves the Way for Sawa World’s First Microenterprise

Sawa World founder Daphne Nederhorst completed a sweeping 7-day learning exchange with Fundación Paraguaya, and founder / CEO Martin Burt.  Burt is a world-renowned innovator in microfinance and entrepreneurship, and his foundation supports more than 78,000 small and emerging micro-...
May 9 2016 - 1:29pm
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Self Empowering Uganda, One Village at a Time

Sawa World’s powerhouse team with five Sparks (leaders of local solutions) and two staff traveled slippery, treacherous roads in the height of rainy season to the remote village of Kisaabwa in Southern Uganda to do a transformative two-day training workshop.   The villagers had the...
Apr 25 2016 - 2:38am
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Our 15-Year Vision

With the unveiling of Sawa World’s visionary road map, we invite you to journey beyond the moment and into the future.  Come travel the “solutions-from-within” highway that starts with the opening of Kampala’s Solution Centre in June of this year, featuring daily skills...
Apr 18 2016 - 1:01am
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Honoured Guests Experience a Memorable Sawa Day

If you’re wondering what a day with Sawa World’s team Uganda in Kampala is like, shadow our advisor Charles Holmes and his daughter on their recent visit to our new Solution Centre.  They danced in the street with former street kids turned business owners and sat down to hear their...
Apr 11 2016 - 6:13am
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First Visitors to Solution Centre

Sawa World opened its doors to fifteen engaged and excited West Vancouver high school students at our new solution centre in Kampala, Uganda.  The young Canadians and their four teachers, visited the centre as part of the 2016 Engage East Africa Uganda & Rwanda program, a two-week long...
Apr 2 2016 - 7:40am
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A New Home for Sawa World

We are excited to share that the Sawa World office in Uganda has moved! From a one room office in Kampala, the team has now moved into it’s own Solution Centre. The Sawa World Solution Centre aims to increase the access to innovative self-employment skills for the youth in the region. The new...
Mar 28 2016 - 4:00pm
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