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Via Video, See The Impact Your Donations Have On The People Of Haiti

A year after the earthquake, people are becoming increasingly frustrated by a seemingly lack of impact their donations are having on the Haitian community. Having visited Haiti last year and met with amazing local leaders, Sawa World knows Haitians have their own solutions to rebuild and...
Dec 15 2010 - 4:25pm
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KVOS Television Produces Sawa Ad

KVOS TV produced a television ad on Sawa World’s groundbreaking Haiti Campaign. The short clip played during a period of seven days and several times per day in early December, 2010. The Sawa World team is grateful for the great generosity of the KVOS team to provide and feature the ad.
Dec 15 2010 - 5:09am
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Sawa Has a New Name and Look

Sawa Global has been renamed Sawa World. Along with its new name, the organization has an exciting new look and feel. Over the last three years, Sawa has grown, evolved and experienced great success in its fight against extreme poverty.The new website, logo, tag line, mission strategy and improved...
Dec 15 2010 - 4:28am
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Sawa Hero Update - Robert Kalyesubula

Sawa supported international partnerships to get $80,0000 worth of medical equipment to rural Uganda for Sawa Hero Dr. Robert grow his medical support success in rural Uganda
Nov 15 2010 - 7:51pm
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Sawa Founder Invited by Muhammad Yunus to Summit in Germany

Sawa Founder, Daphne Nederhorst, has returned from the Global Social Business Summit in Germany with groundbreaking ideas for Sawa’s already innovative model for solving extreme poverty. Hosted by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Creative Lab, the summit...
Nov 15 2010 - 7:44am
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Cultural and Artistic Partnerships

I am looking to connect with cultural and artistic associations/organizations to assist with my "development through art" project. This project involves partnering local artists from Cape Verde with visitors to the island to engage in cultural exchange activities. If you are interested in...
Nov 9 2010 - 8:06pm
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Ugandan Sawa Leader receives 80,000USD of essential medical equipment

After much anticipation, Ugandan Sawa Leader Dr. Robert and the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS) received a container filled with approximately 80,000USD worth of essential medical supplies. This generous donation, made possible through Sawa Global and a group of...
Nov 8 2010 - 4:16am
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New Video tells the the Story of Sawa

Eric Hogan and his video production company, Two Story Productions, created a new video that tells the story of Sawa. The video was shot in Haiti by Eric and his film partner Scott Proudfoot in April, 2010. The story is told by the Founder of Sawa World, Daphne Nederhorst.
Oct 25 2010 - 7:18am
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APF Looking for Structural Engineer

APF is looking for a volunteer Structural Engineer (Director, Construction) in Fondwa, Haiti to help rebuild many structures which were damaged as a result of the earthquake. If you would like to help or know someone who can, please reply to this entry or contact me at to receive...
Oct 19 2010 - 2:52am
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Capacity Building: Post-earthquake

APF is looking for assistance in two ways to help rebuild its capacity following the earthquake in Haiti: 1) Support to rent office space in Port-au-Prince for coordination purposes2) Support to provide training and staff development for its permanent technical teamAny ideas for fundraising,...
Oct 18 2010 - 7:01pm
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