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Sawa Global in the North Shore News

Three months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, four Canadians, including North Vancouver resident Daphne Nederhorst, embarked on a two-week trip to produce short videos of local heroes. Nederhorst, Sawa Global's founder and executive director, said, in a written statement that the...
Jun 3 2010 - 5:09pm
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Sawa returns from Haiti inspired by 3 new Leaders

Sawa team members recently returned from an inspirational trip to Haiti where they discovered three new local leaders (Sawa Leaders) to add to Sawa’s virtual family.The team met:Marie Lucie Mentor who works to empower the disenfranchised people in Jacmel, Haiti living with HIV/AIDS. The team...
May 31 2010 - 11:40pm
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CKNW News 980 interviews Sawa Global from Jacmel, Haiti

Listen to the interview here.
May 7 2010 - 12:19am
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We are so excited...

We are so excited to have a global voice through Sawa Global. We want partnerships that can work with us in several programs to support people with HIV/ AIDS.
Apr 30 2010 - 3:58pm
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I want to connect...

I want to connect to the world and create partnerships with other organizations that work with disabled people.
Apr 30 2010 - 3:57pm
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I’m keen...

I’m keen to connect to the world and rebuild what was destroyed after the earthquake in Fondwa from 22 years of hard work. We are looking for arictecs that can build safe and durable buildings to rebuild our medical clinics and schools.
Apr 30 2010 - 12:47am
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According to The Globe And Mail, Sawa Global is Hunting for heroes in Haiti

Last week, I connected with an interesting group of Canadians who’ve been in Jacmel for a few weeks hunting for heroes.
Apr 28 2010 - 7:19pm
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Sawa in Haiti: Marie Lucie Mentor - Sawa Hero In Haiti

Marie Lucie Mentor - Sawa Hero in Haiti from sawaglobal on Vimeo. Marie Lucie empowers people with HIV/AIDS in Haiti.
Apr 26 2010 - 11:52pm
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