We use a bold approach to solving extreme poverty for 1 billion people – a new way that strives to be free of international aid.
We find inspiring innovators (Sawa Leaders) living in extreme poverty that have created local solutions that are already working. Local youth ensure these successes are shared so others living in extreme poverty can replicate them. Read more about Sawa World Read more

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Featured Solution   

Sawa World Solutions: Making pineapple jam

Sawa World Spark: Eddie Mukiibi
How to make pineapple jam in just a few simple steps and get extra income for a better livelihood.
Eddie teaches 1000s of vulnerable kids in Uganda how to grow edible gardens.

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Who Makes The Videos

The videos are made by Sawa Youth Reporters, local and unemployed youth. We train and employ them to document and share the solutions of the Sawa Leaders in their countries. Read more

April 2013

Maureen Kwikiriza

March 2013

Sheila Ampumuza

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